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The city of Korvosa is divided into a host of districts. These divisions are sometimes through natural or man-made barriers while others are more subtle changes in wealth and status.

The academic (and demonic) center of Korvosa, the Academae is the campus of this reputable magic school, which is large enough to gain district status in itself.

Castle Korvosa
The centre piece of Korvosa and home of its royal family the castle towers over the rest of the city as it is built atop the remains of a Thassilon Pyramid.

East Shore
The only district beyond the Jeggare River East Shore is home to many of the nobles families involved with Korvosa’s military.

The Gray district serves as Korvosa’s graveyard and is where all its dead are interred; the only living inhabitants are the priests of Pharasma who tend it.

The Heights
The heights sit atop the cliffs of Korvosa’s western shoreline and are home to the most powerful people in the city including the royalty as Castle Korvosa is within this district.

The part of the city most visitors come to recognise, this district is the friendliest and is home to many of Korvosa’s docks, but it is quite crime free.

North Point
North point is where people first settled when Korvosa was founded and is home to many families that can draw their ancestry back to that time.

Old Korvosa
The poorest, most overcrowded area of Korvosa; the living conditions in Old Korvosa are far worse than in the rest of the city.
One of the newest sections of the city, it does not suffer from the overcrowding that much of the city does and many of its residents live here to get away from the city.

South Shore
Two other unofficial districts exist within Korovosa, their boundaries not conforming to any design by the city’s planners.

The Shingles
All along the rooftops of Korvosa lie walkways and ramshackle abodes and shops. The Shingles serve as both homes to some of the cities poorest citizens and quick highways over the bustling streets for anyone wishing or requiring to avoid the crowds.

The Vaults
The vaults run beneath all of Korvosa and are far more than just sewers as they incorporate the remains of two other settlements previously located here.

Korvosa Location

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