Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne

Part One: Haunted Fortunes
There is a fine line between justice and vengeance.

Justice or Vengeance?

They say that justice is something that benefits society and vengeance is something that benefits just you. Yet, what happens if my vengeance benefits society as a whole? Is my vengeance justified?

I reached out today and contacted individuals with a similar situation. They were wary at first as I suppose they should be, but they didn’t suspect my current disposition. They methodically headed to Gaedran’s hideout, The Old Fishery. They made their way into his back area where I and my poor boy met our end at the hands of that wretch of human being. Of course they found what’s left of me and exacted my vengeance upon that man.

Others may look upon what I have done as reprehensible, but I know that Ezerelda whose daughter suffered the same fate as my boy, and the others understand. They know that Calistria helped guide my spirit to make sure this day finally came. So many have suffered at his hands. I am sure that this city is better off with him gone for good.

However, I also know that my spirit is forever tied to this city and I shall protect her through these individuals and others. So that now lasting harm shall befall her citixens.


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